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Margarita Toler


Commercial photographer specializing in the complex brand visualization for companies and personal brands, Margarita Toler works in Raleigh - Durham NC since 2016. As a premium photographer, Margarita Toler catches the most unique quality of a brand, a company, or a product, and brings it to life.


Highly experienced in macro photography, Margarita Toler provides services for the famous jewelry company Charles and Colvard here in Raleigh - Durham NC. Her visual artwork could be found in professional magazines, catalogs, websites, social media, and more.

As a photographer working in North Carolina, Margarita Toler focuses on providing local companies and personal brands with premium quality commercial photography services.  Some of the photography services are provided non only in Raleigh Duhram NC area but also online. Proficient in editing, we at Visual Branding also help people get the most out of the photographs they've had. 

Tatiana Saenko

BIO Tatiana Saenko.jpg

SEO Content Expert and Marketing Director, Tatiana Saenko brings the right words to Visual Branding. A published author with more than 15 years of experience in content writing, Tatiana creates message-focused brand concepts and SEO articles that help Visual Branding be heard.

Originally from Moscow, Tatiana Saenko has found a new home in Raleigh - Durham NC and does everything to help local businesses grow and prosper. Tatiana knows exactly how important words are. 

Analytical approach, effective targeting, and strategical thinking are Tatiana Saenko's core strengths. Connecting with the audience through  words, Tatiana Saenko speaks for Visual Branding from the bottom of her heart.


We love working with local companies

To us here in Visual Branding, people mean the most. Models, makeup artists, designers, stylists from North Carolina are our best friends and companions on this journey. 

Visual Branding is not just the work of a photographer but the accumulated afford of many talented people adding their expertise, knowledge, and experience to get the best pictures for each client.


At Visual Branding, we support local businesses and love working together with the outstanding people of Raleigh - Durham, NC. We team up with exceptional quality local bands from North Carolina to make every vision come true.

Our partners

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